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Chowder Musings

I had some very good clam chowder last night at the Golden Corral restaurant. It wasn’t nearly as good, though, as what my brother-in-law makes. It is always a special treat to be served a bowl at his house. But I think the best clam chowder I’ve ever eaten was handed to me in a bread bowl at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Perhaps it was just the fabulous setting – right there on the California coast – but as I remember, the soup was thick and creamy and loaded with clams… and delicious! Perhaps the Soup Sisters should try making clam chowder sometime.

When and where, dear reader, did you find the best bowl of clam chowder you’ve ever eaten?

Gather ‘Round the Soup Pot

This past weekend the Soup Sisters talked to several of our cousins and invited them to join in on one of our future soup cook-alongs. So… cousins, if you’re checking out the SoupSisters blog, WELCOME! We’re glad you’ve come.

Telescope vs. Steamer



During a visit to the island of Puerto Rico in July, 2004, we made what turned out to be a challenging drive up a mountain to see the Arecibo Observatory. As this picture I took shows, the telescope there bears quite a resemblance to a collapsible vegetable steamer, don’t you think?

February’s Soup

I have decided that I will make borscht this month. I had some delicious borscht at the Russian Tea Time restaurant in Chicago a couple of years ago. Husband does not really like beets, but I think he might be willing to give my soup a try.

Welcome to our new Blog

Welcome to the new blog of the Soup Sisters! Who are we? We are two sisters with lots of interests including cooking. We have declared 2011 “The Year of the Soup.” We will each make a home cooked soup once a month, searching for wonderful recipes to share with our families and with each other. On our blog we will share the recipes, the results, and perhaps a photo or two. If you have a soup┬árecipe you think we should try, please leave us a comment.